Historic East Yorkshire: North Bar, Beverley

Over 600 years old and still (sort of) in use……..

North Bar 01In medieval times, there were only three gates allowing people into Beverley. They were linked by a ditch so that, if you wanted to enter the town to trade, you had to pay for the privilege. Newbiggen  Gate and Keld Gate fell into disrepair and have long since been demolished. North Bar, though, is still going strong and (while the toll obviously no longer applies) it still offers one of the most popular – and certainly the grandest – entry into the town centre.

North Bar was built in 1409 at a cost to the town of £96 and is the only brick-built town gate in the country. Gates were normally built of stone, but there was not any stone suitable in the local area.

Today cars and pedestrians still pass through the gate, and occasionally a lorry sent the wrong way by satnav. These have been responsible for causing some damage to the grade 1 listed building. East Yorkshire Motor Services used to run a service through the gate for which they designed a specially-shaped bus. The roof was an arc, which would not catch on the Bar as the bus passed under.

Dave Lee


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