Great East Yorkshire Pubs: The Barnes Wallis, Howden

The great wartime inventor’s East Yorkshire link is celebrated with a fine pub…….

Barnes WallaceIf ever there was a man who deserved a pub named after him its inventor extraordinaire Sir Barnes Wallis CBE, FRS, RDI, FRAeS. Without his brainwave – that you can simply bounce a 4-tonne bomb off the surface of a reservoir – then World War 2 may not have ended as soon as it did, or with the same outcome.

Wallis lived and worked in Howden in the early part of the 20th century while working on airship designs and there are photos and documents aplenty adorning the walls of the pub that now bears his name.

The pub itself is a simple one-room affair, which doesn’t appear to have been tinkered with much in the past few decades. So much so that you could easily imaging the great man himself sat in the corner, nursing half of mild and dreaming up anther mad invention.

They have a vast, long beer garden, which is ideal for hosting their annual beer festival and provides extra room for diners in fine weather. This is a good thing as it’s probably the food that will draw visitors. While the menu may not appear to offer anything exceptional (the usual array of pies, scampi and fish and chips), the portions are renowned for the vastness and all choices are excellent value for money.

Of particular note is the Sunday lunch, which comes in a small size at £8.95 or the large for £10.50. Large is an understatement. You could easily feed three with the portion I encountered, but it’s not just the size that attracts. The meat is high quality and perfectly cooked and the gravy is dark, meaty and plentiful.

Not that you’ll be able to get a seat, mind. Word of the quality of the food has spread so Sundays are always stacked out and early booking is highly recommended.

Incidentally, if you head to Howden in search of the Barnes Wallis then make sure you follow signs for the train station, the pub is right next door to it but both are a mile or so to the North of the town proper.

Dave Lee


The Barnes Wallis Inn

Station Road


DN14 7LF


Tel: 01430 430639


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