Great East Yorkshire Pubs: Chequers, Beverley

Beverley gets the micropub it never knew it needed…..


Chequers 01Before you ask, I’m not entirely sure what a micropub is, either. You’d think it would be like a normal pub but smaller. Not exactly a description that seems appropriate to Chequers in Beverley. Certainly Chequers has beer, and cider and crisps and nuts, but there is no juke box or bandit or pool table or lagers (a rapidly-spreading policy of which I heartily approve).

Chequers is a no-nonsense real ale lovers establishment. This former shop unit tucked away in a pedestrian precinct in the middle of Beverley only opened in June 2013 but it has already gained a reputation as the venue of choice for the serious drinker of the district.

The pub is just one room on two levels which, I seem to remember, used to be an Italian bakery. It’s had a basic but comfy refit but what it lacks in refinement it makes up for in enthusiasm and dedication to bacchanalia.

There are always at least half a dozen locally-brewed beers and well-selected ciders on offer and, crucially, there are also good pork pies. Everything is served across a bar that seems to have been stolen from an old chemist shop. It features adverts for ‘patent medicines, pure drugs and chemicals and surgical appliances’, any of you may require should you over-imbibe.

It feels very much like Hull’s Hop & Vine, another not-very-suitable building pressed into service due to a geographic demand for good booze. I heartily recommend you try it if you’re in Beverley as it needs encouragement and custom to prosper. If you can squeeze in between the wobbling sea of real ale fanatics normally packing the place to the rafters, that is.

Small, independent pubs like Chequers deserve our trade for trying to return our hostelries to the temples of boozing and banter they once were. Be warned, though, you may feel out of place unless you have some form of facial hair or a well-defined opinion of the Angram pip.


15 Swabys Yard



Dave Lee


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